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  • ADLER-AD 4004


    Warranty: 2 Years

    A nice citrus juicer that has 40 W of power. It allows to quickly and efficiently prepare a fresh juice of lemons, oranges or grapefruits. The sieve placed on a pot stops the pulp and the stones preventing them from getting to the juice. Thanks to the right and left rotation every drop will be extracted from the fruit. A very practical and convenient solution is the fact that the device turns on automatically when there is a pressure put on it and it turns off when the fruit is removed. A safety cover prevents the juice from splashing on a table or throughout a kitchen. The citrus juicer AD 4004 is equipped with a pot that has a capacity of 0.5l due to which fact we can prepare juice for 2 people at one go. This citrus juicer´s great advantage is its size that makes storing the device easy.